Bereavement Care

With a 200 year history of funeral provision, we’ve supported many families over the years, guiding them through their grief and arranging funeral services that celebrate the memory of their loved one.

We understand grief and how it can differ from person to person – that means we can give bereavement advice to support you. Call one of our offices today.

Grief often presents itself in several ways:

  • Shock – this can be felt even when the death was expected, and shock can present itself as feelings of fear or numbness, or in physical signs
  • Searching – some people can experience an automatic feeling of needing to ‘search’ for their loved one; this is a very normal response
  • Anger – you may feel angry or resentful that the tragedy has befallen you, which may lead to irritability or a need to blame
  • Depression – death means loss, and this may result in low mood or sadness
  • Resolution – eventually, you will come to accept the loss, and you will come to enjoy the good things in life once again. This takes time, and it may seem like you’ll never reach this stage – but with a little support, you will!

All these feelings are normal, and you are not alone in feeling them. Contact us at Churcher & Tribbeck today to discuss funeral arrangements, or just to talk things through.

We give bereavement advice and support families across Gosport, Stubbington, Lee-on-Solent, Fareham and beyond.