If your loved one has been buried or had their cremated remains interred in a cemetery, we can arrange a fitting memorial for the grave.

Organising a memorial is an ideal way to comfort friends and family who have lost a loved one. Instead of focusing on their death, memorials provide a place where people can celebrate their life and visit, in a time of need.

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Here at Churcher & Tribbeck, we can arrange and provide;

  • Interment of cremated remains in local churchyards and cemeteries
  • Memorial Headstones and kerbsets
  • Cremation Tablets
  • Memorial Vases
  • Memorial Refurbishments

Whatever your specific requirements, whether that’s the shape, size, material and style of your chosen memorial and inscription, our craftsmen will meet all requests with the utmost care and precision.

For more information about our memorials for churchyards and cemeteries in Fareham, Stubbington, Gosport and the surrounding areas, please contact us to discuss your requirements.