H and A, November 2022

A perfect funeral, arranged by longstanding funeral directors in Gosport, Churcher and Tribbeck who in my experience provide a truly compassionate and respectful service for the bereaved and the deceased. From beginning to end, I and my family were especially pleased and grateful for the attention to detail in overseeing all arrangements, administration, disbursements, my own visit to say goodbye to dad, and by request introductions to other people and their services; for a celebrant and a Highland piper.

On the day, the cars were immaculate and the drivers respectful. My son appreciated the funeral director, who at the beginning of the journey to the crematorium walks in the front of the hearse for a few paces holding his top hat at waist height, on his bowing to the deceased before getting into the hearse my son recognised him from a previous family funeral and was gladdened for the continuity and the respect shown.

Exceptional service, and ashes housed in a biodegradable cushion, ready for a sea journey for a military veteran.

Thank you for everything.

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